Sea Mar AmeriCorps Team New Year’s Resolutions

Most of us are familiar with the “New Year’s Resolution”. This age-old tradition has been around for centuries, and the Sea Mar AmeriCorps team is no exception! A few AmeriCorps members have shared there intentions for the new year. How do their resolutions compare to your own?


~Zhanna Grigoryan, Seattle Cannon House Assisted Living Facility Patient Navigator

My New Year’s resolutions for this year are to eat better and exercise more. I know that this may be a goal of many and overused, but I will make sure to stick to it. By making my community healthier and active I will surely accomplish my goal. This year I will also work on being more patient. In my work at Cannon House I have found that patience is a big key to understanding where people are coming from.

Hope everyone accomplishes their New Year’s Resolutions this year!

Here is to a great 2015!


~Melissa Merrigan, Tacoma Medical Patient Navigator

My resolution is to keep a more constant positive attitude when faced with challenging situations.  Sometimes it can be frustrating working with limited resources or a population that has concerns beyond their medical health.  It is important to stay positive and focus on the big picture.  Things work out in the end, so keep a positive attitude and your mind set on the goal.


~Mike Tobias, Tacoma AmeriCorps*VISTA

   Each year for New Year’s, I like to add one thing to my life and give up one thing. Then I can say “2014 was the last year I did…” and “2015 was the first year I started…” This new year, I’m resolving to give up the snooze button in the morning and adding morning exercise to my daily routine again. To strengthen my resolutions, I have a tradition of watching the movie Silver Linings Playbook on New Year’s day, because it reminds me that second chances do exist.

~Monica Shin, Vancouver Clark Medical Patient Navigator

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Do 1 hour of constructive learning every week, whether it be playing my cello, practicing Spanish, or reading a nonfiction book.
  • Do yoga twice a week for mental and physical health.

 We come up with these together as a family on New Year’s as part of our family tradition.

~Christine Dodson, Tacoma AmeriCorps*VISTA

I plan to take my Spanish language immersion more seriously!

~Irina Ivannicova, Volunteer Coordinator

For this upcoming year, it is my goal to  develop a plan for Volunteer Appreciation. Sea Mar Community Health Center has over 80 volunteers throughout our many clinics and I would like the Volunteer Program to organize proper recognition for our deserving volunteers. Distinguishing the service that our volunteers provide is what fosters our Sea Mar family and increases volunteer retention and satisfaction. It is my hope that whatever volunteer appreciation plan I come up with will be sustainable and easily implemented for the next Volunteer Coordinator.

~Elizabeth Reed, Marysville Medical Patient Navigator

My New Year’s resolution is to try and relax more and realize that it’s OK to slow things down! And to stop and enjoy the little things in life!

~Delaney Lackey, Vancouver Medical Patient Navigator

Although I consider myself a fairly organized person, I would like to make organization a priority in my life in 2015. I want to start making and finishing “to do” lists on a daily basis. I think that becoming more organized will take away a lot of the stress in my life and allow 2015 to begin on a positive note.

~Aldeir Sotelo, Bellevue Medical Patient Navigator

These are my New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Study Japanese weekly for a future Japan trip
  2. Study Brazilian Portuguese weekly for a future Brazil trip and to understand Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) martial artists
  3. Enjoy the sun as much as possible when it comes
  4. Learn how to swim well
  5. Win a Gold medal in a BJJ tournament
  6. Be a great soccer coach for the Sea Mar teenage team

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