Photo Roll 2013-2014

Launch_1Plaidudes Launch_Hannah in AmeriChoir The Launch_Before the Event Kitchen Crew Allen Rope Swing Blur Community HealthCorps Ad Dana Rope Swing Diego Guel - Iron Chef Erin and Laurie Hamza Iron Chef Hilary and Trang Iron Chef Hilary Titus Rope Swing 3 Iron Chef Allen, Laura, Richa Ismenia and Allen Community HealthCorps Ad3 Ismenia Rope Swing 3 Laura Rope Swing 2 olivia rope swing 2 Retreat Team Photo Richa and Yassi and Celery Mountain Richa Rope Swing Swab the Deck2 Trang Rope Swing 2 Yassi Rope Swing 4 Ysela Rope Swing Harvard Market Team Ismenia Laurie B MLK Grocery Group Photo MLK Grocery Photo organizing the donations photo 1 Staying Warm at the Food Drive Vancouver - Arielle and Isis Vancouver - Arielle Vancouver - Group Vancouver - IsisMLK_Hgeine Drive Cannon House2 MLK_Hygeine Drive Cannon House MLK_Hygeine Drive Kids Activity MLK_Hygeine Drive Kids Reise Hygeine Drive


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