Meet the 2013-14 Community HealthCorps Team

IGP Coordinator
Laura Iijima – IGP Coordinator

Laura Iijima studied sociology at Seattle Pacific University. Her favorite part of her position is making the elderly and children feel valued and loved. Her second favorite part is dancing foolishly to disco music with the toddlers and Alzheimer’s patients. When Laura isn’t at her site, she’s a grocery shopping strategist, a fair-weathered runner, and a recent Woody Allen film fan.

Diego Guel- Patient Navigator
Diego Guel- Patient Navigator

Diego Guel graduated from the University of Washington in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in American Ethnic Studies. He was born and raised in Toppenish, WA, an agricultural town in the Yakima Valley. He enjoys playing and watching sports, listening to music, dancing, and hanging out with friends and family. Diego joined the Community HealthCorps team because he wanted clinical experience, with a component for community outreach. Community HealthCorps and his position has given him the opportunity to give back to a community and a CHC like the one he recieved healthcare from in his own hometown. After this service term is complete, Diego plans to go to Physical Therapy school and become a practicing PT in Toppenish, WA.

--Allen Sy--ICHS Patient Navigator--
–Allen Sy–ICHS Patient Navigator–

Allen Sy is a Patient Navigator at the International Community Health Services (ICHS). He spends much of his time at the International District clinic, but will venture off to the Holly Park clinic at least once a week. He is a Seattleite that recently graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Physiology. In his free time, he enjoys weightlifting and staying active. He is often times very sporadic about exercising and staying healthy. When it’s nice outside, you will likely find him cleaning and detailing his car.

--Richa Pardikar --Patient Navigator--
–Richa Pardikar –Patient Navigator–

Richa Pardikar is a Patient Navigator at Sea Mar’s Seattle Medical Clinic. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Public Health and recently moved back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. In her spare time, Richa enjoys dancing, eating spicy food, and marathon-watching intense cooking competitions on TV.  She’s excited to continue learning from her patients and participating in various projects at Sea Mar.

--Alice Manos - Birth Doula--
–Alice Manos – Birth Doula–

Alice Manos hails from Seattle, Washington and has worked in community health as a medical case manager, student-run clinic coordinator, and most recently as a birth doula. She hopes to practice as a family medicine physician in a community health setting and will attend medical school this fall. Her favorite ways to have fun and relax include learning the fiddle, knitting and listening to This American Life, and playing charades.

--Trang Le--Patient Navigator--
–Trang Le–Patient Navigator–

Trang Le is a Vietnamese Patient Navigator at the International Community Health Services and an Outreach Coordinator for the School based health center at Seattle World School. She is a recent graduate from the University of Washington with degrees in Biochemistry and Psychology. She enjoys reading and a good laugh. She likes to play tennis, go running, and explore experimental cooking. She values faith, lifelong learning and storytelling

--Reise Sample--Patient Navigator--
–Reise Sample–Patient Navigator–

Reise Sample is the Patient Navigator at Cannon House, Sea Mar’s assisted-living facility. Reise is from Canton, Michigan and graduated from Bowling GreenStateUniversity with a BFA in Creative Writing. She spent 2011-2013 in Togo, West Africa as a Food Security Extension Agent with the Peace Corps, where she helped her village build a government-authorized health clinic. In the process, she fell in love with global health equity and joined Community HealthCorps to gain experience in the field in order to decide what to do with her life.

--Dana Canfield--Patient Navigator--
–Dana Canfield–Patient Navigator–

Dana graduated Scripps College in Southern California, where her varied interests in mathematics, statistics, and medicine lead her to major in math while fulfilling the pre-med requirements. Though she enjoyed her coursework, she was entirely unable to cope with the palm trees and sunshine that accosted her whenever she resurfaced from the library’s basement, and thus, promptly returned to the Northwest upon graduating. She currently serves at Healthcare for the Homeless, the Tacoma MDC Sea Mar clinic, as a Patient Navigator, which has been an excellent fit for her. The weather is suitably dingy, and the people are tough enough to handle it. She enjoys connecting with patients through health education, and they have taught her a great deal about resilience. Outside the clinic, she is widely regarded as one of Tacoma’s most rugged outdoorswomen. She once tracked and humanely trapped her unruly, overweight cat, Mac, when he disappeared under her front porch. She also routinely wrestles this juggernaut of a cat into a homemade sling, which she fashioned out of a scarf, so that she can carry him around hands-free. She says that this activity “nurtures the human-animal bond”, and insists that there is no connection between this and Mac’s attempts to escape. When she isn’t tracking and trapping wild beasts, she enjoys a good book, drawn-out conversations, and a well-timed pun.

--Lauren Tsai -- ICHS Patient Navigator--
–Lauren Tsai — ICHS Patient Navigator–

Lauren Tsai is a Mandarin patient navigator at ICHS, International Community Health Services. She has lived in many different places including Taiwan, NY, NJ, and Texas. However, she has stayed in Washington State the longest and now considers it home. Lauren graduated with a degree in Microbiology from the University of Washington in 2011. She enjoy’s traveling and learning about the backgrounds of people she meets along the way! She hopes to become a pediatrician or family doctor one day.

--Laurie Bazan--Patient Navigator--
–Laurie Bazan–Patient Navigator–

Laurie is a Patient Navigator at Sea Mar’s Seattle Medical clinic. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Biochemistry. After graduation, Laurie decided she wanted to stay in Seattle to work with her local community. Serving through Community HealthCorps has allowed her to gain clinical experience and reach out to her community. In her spare time, Laurie likes to play on the Sea Mar soccer team and take long naps in the sun.

--Hamza Rabi--Patient Navigator--
–Hamza Rabi–Patient Navigator–

Hamza Rabi is a Seattle-raised, Arabic-speaking Patient Navigator at Sea Mar’s Olympia Medical Clinic native to the land of Palestine. He graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Neurobiology and Biochemistry from the University of Washington and is currently planning on attending Medical School after completing AmeriCorps. He enjoys spending his free time with friends, family, and doing outdoor activities such as hiking and competitive sports.

--Ysela Lopez--Patient Navigator--
–Ysela Lopez–Patient Navigator–

Ysela Lopez,  Patient Navigator at Sea Mar’s Tacoma Medical Clinic .  She joined community HealthCorps to gain experience in working with diverse populations in the community healthcare setting. She recently graduated from Toppenish High School in the Yakima Valley. On her free time she loves to read, spend time with family, and loves to shop. She is excited to attend college full- time  after the program ends to continue her education.

--Hannah Coleman--Patient Navigator--
–Hannah Coleman–Patient Navigator–

Hannah Coleman is a Seattle-area native and University of Washington graduate currently serving as the Patient Navigator at Sea Mar’s medical clinic in Burien. Her interests are diverse and include healthy habits/preventive medicine, genetics, foreign languages, food, and music. She felt it would be good to contribute to the community while figuring out what she wants her next step in life to be.

--Yassi Moshiri--Patient Navigator--
–Yassi Moshiri–Patient Navigator–

 Yassi Moshiri is a Patient Navigator at Sea Mar’s Bellevue Medical Clinic.  She graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Psychology, and hopes to pursue a career in medicine with an emphasis in mental health in the future.  Born and raised in Seattle, she loves the Pacific Northwest for its coffee, music, and weather.  She enjoys providing service to the patients in clinic, and plans to work in community health after her year with Americorps.  When outside the clinic, she can be found spending time with her family and friends, bumping 90’s R&B, hanging out at a coffee shop, or eating self-serve frozen yogurt.

--Abby Jones--Birth Doula--
–Abby Jones–Birth Doula–

Abby has worked as an AmeriCorps Birth Doula for the past two years, first in Seattle and currently in Vancouver, WA. She loves her job and having the opportunity to support women of all walks of life during their transition into parenthood. When not giving back massages, practicing breathing techniques, or encouraging moms to voice their needs, Abby loves to do Zumba, take walks, and read trashy detective novels or watch HGTV (House Hunters, anyone?). In the future she hopes to become a Certified Nurse Midwife and continue to encourage women to get what they need out of their medical care.

--Erica Young--Volunteer Coordinator
–Erica Young–Volunteer Coordinator

Erica is a native Hoosier occasionally afflicted with wanderlust. After hiking Mailbox Peak in a snow storm she believes that she can accomplish anything, including world peace.  In her free time she enjoys most boring, nerdy things like watching hours of “The Universe” on the History channel and reading anything from classics to science fiction (with a soft spot in her heart for anything written by Michael Crichton).  She also believes in debating any topic or political issue and enjoys Benjamin Franklin jokes.

--Erin Gilmer--Maternal Health Doula--
–Erin Gilmer–Birth Doula–

Erin Gilmer is a birth doula in Seattle this year and is loving it. She is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, where she studied social work and Spanish and worked in maternal and child health. She is interested in pursuing a degree as a Certified Nurse Midwife and studying global health in order to work internationally to improve health equity in maternal health and reproductive health rights. She is happiest when curled up on the couch with a good book, a strong cup of coffee, and her two adorable cats.

--Nick Dobie--Health Care Eligibility Specialist--
–Nick Dobie–Health Care Eligibility Specialist–

Nick discovered his passion for helping others 2 years ago in New York City while sifting through the wreckage of burnt-up apartment buildings for the American Red Cross. His service as an Emergency Responder and his desire to pursue a career in medicine motivated him to move to Seattle for an AmeriCorps term at the Country Doctor Community Health Center.

As an AmeriCorps member at Country Doctor, Nick wears many hats, but his official title is “Health Care Eligibility Specialist.” Most of his days involve giving talks at community centers and local colleges about the changes happening with the Affordable Care Act, participating in outreach events in and around King County, and helping underserved individuals and families secure affordable health insurance. What he loves most about his position is listening to his clients’ stories and finding ways to make them laugh.

Nick enjoys taking trips down the street to feed the local ducks, hiking, and challenging his dog to races around the house. Nick’s latest pursuits include learning how to speak French and how to cook gluten free meals. In the future, Nick sees himself wearing a stethoscope and riding his bike to work at a small clinic somewhere in Washington.

--Alma Lopez--Reach Out and Read Coordinator--
–Alma Lopez–Reach Out and Read Coordinator–

Alma Lopez is the Reach Out and Read (ROR) Program Coordinator with Sea Mar Community Health Centers. What is ROR? ROR is a pediatric literacy program focused on partnering with doctors to prescribe books and ensure that children enter Kindergarten ready to read, learn, and succeed. Alma is a Seattle University graduate and a previous AmeriCorps alum, serving with City Year. Why two years of service? Alma’s mentors instilled in her the belief that serving others not only makes the world a better place, but makes you grow so much as person. In her down time, Alma enjoys traveling bi-yearly, learning to play bass, painting, reading short stories, and playing with her pets, a chinchilla and a python— separately of course. Alma will be attending the University of Washington with a Merit Scholarship this fall to earn her Masters in Library Science


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